The Katyn Memorial at the Dom Polski Centre, Adelaide, Australia.

Taken by Edwin Niczynski at the instigation of Marie Szychowska, these are photos of the Katyn Memorial at the Dom Polski Centre, Adelaide, Australia.

The monument's soldier figure wears a Polish husaria helmet, although it is different from the original one which was open at the front. (The winged, armoured husaria cavalry existed in Poland from the 16th to the 18th century.)
The chains represent the coat of mail or chain armour worn by the husaria.
Directly behind the figure are the husaria's wings attached to the back plate of the hussar's armour. The wings, made of wood and feathers, were sometimes used in battle and were intended to create a psychological impact on the enemy, giving an advantage to the husaria units.
The pipes behind the wings represent the husaria's lances and also organ pipes.
The monument was designed by the Adelaide artist Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski.

" Requiescant in pacem."

Artykuły o zbrodni Katyńskiej w tej witrynie (po polsku i angielsku).
Articles on this site about the Katyn Forest Massacre [in English and Polish].
"Doing justice to the dead."
"Sprawiedliwość dla zmarłych."
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"Zagubione dusze."
"Separate memories, separate sorrows."
"Odrębne wspomnienia. Odrębne smutki."
"The Soviet memory hole."
"Podróż w Sowiecką Dziurę w Pamięci."

Michał Synoradzki, Jacek Grodecki, Victoria Plewak. [po polsku]"

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