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The main purpose of this section is to list other Katyn related sites and contacts with similar interests.

If you know of another Katyn related site, or one of the tags on this site does not work for you, I would welcome an email about it.

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Katyn pages on this site

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I am creating a page for transcripts in Polish of interviews with two Russian NKVD men about their involvement in the Katyn Massacre.
Dmirija Stepanovich Tokariewa [1902-1993], in 1940 Head of the NKVD for the Kalinin region of the Soviet Union, and Piotra Karpovich Soprunienko [1908-1992], in 1940, Head of the Board of the NKVD of the USSR for Prisoners of War and the Interned.
The draft page is here.

Katyn focused sites

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